What A Trip ! is above all else a human adventure built on a foundation of values that guides each of the choices of the organizing committee.

Sharing, respect of one another, respect for our environment, are all values that constitute the DNA of What A Trip ! Heyme festival !


Everyone’s responsibility

Preserving our planet is everyone’s responsibility, acting, alerting and raising public awareness of this cause is the responsibility of all event organizers. What A Trip ! Heyme festival has made its choice since its creation and every year pushes its commitment a little further, to the limit of its possibilities.

1% for the planet member

The organization has been a member of the 1% for the planet since 2018 and donates 1% of its screenings revenues to associations working for the preservation of the environment. This citizen and partisan act is, although symbolic, dear to the festival team.

The Blue Zone: the goal of ocean conservation

Raise public awareness about respecting our planet through a dedicated space installed on the festival, on which we invite environmental protection associations to come and present their actions to the public, but also and especially to raise awareness. Climate montages, sorting workshops, meetings, games, conferences and other exchange time are as many opportunities to raise awareness.

A “zero-single-use plastic” festival

Since its creation, the festival has made single-use plastic its battleground. In partnership with its exclusive environmental partner Océan Protection France, it has removed plastic from its bar by making the choice to distribute water for free, through fountains installed on the site and eco-cups.

Objective : waste recovery

Waste recovery is a priority of the festival. This is why we approached the association Compostons, whose mission is to recover bio waste during the festival by : setting up harvest points, forming a «Green team» dedicated to collecting organic waste and to recover it in their collaborative urban farm.

All of which could not be possible without our partners :



This is the credo that has motivated the festival team since its creation : to share with other associations, to interact with its surroundings in order to act in the collective interest. Supporting initiatives, giving access to culture to as many people as possible are all subjects of action of our structure.

Education is the heart of the action

The mission of our association is to share ‘the values of openness’ to the world, the new generations, while making them aware of the importance of preserving the environment. A mission that requires the implementation of free educational actions for nearly 600 school children and high school students each year (screenings, educational kitw for teachers, visits to the Blue Zone of the festival, etc.)


Solidarity deposit Operation

Three organizations will be invited to the festival to hold a booth and present their actions. On this occasion, the public having taken a drink at the bar (and therefore an eco-cup) will have the opportunity to donate the euro deposit to the association by returning the eco-cup deposit (1€ symbolic). The festival will count the number of glasses collected and will donate the amount of deposit to the organization.

This year, three organizations whose actions are close to the heart of the festival organizers are invited :

  • Les femmes invisibles’ : helps homeless women by providing them with hygiene products.
  • L’eau pour la vie’ : Raises awareness of the importance of water and its management and promotes access to water and sanitation in subtropical Africa
  • Une bouteille à la mer’ : raise awareness about plastic waste pollution through celebrities in outdoor sports.

Association Femmes Invisibles

Association Eau pour la Vie

Association Une bouteille à la mer

A festival at the heart of associative life in Montpellier

Because together we go further, the festival partners with many organizations to enable them to present their actions and raise awareness. What A Trip ! Heyme Festival aims to be a crossroad of initiatives and values while helping the structures that need it by providing them with material or human support whenever possible.

Among the partner associations :



Become sponsor !

To associate the name of your company with a festival carrying strong values while benefiting from tax advantages (tax reduction of 60% of the amount of the donation, within the limit of 0.5% of the annual turnover) and thus to be able to lower your taxes.

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