What A Trip! launches its Travel Cafes!

Meetings to talk travel differently!

Events complementary to afterworks

Some of you are regulars of the traditional Afterworks Voyage that take place every month in different places of the metropolis of Montpellier and during which dozens of people exchange around a drink and a photo exhibition. What a Trip! is pleased to present its brand new Voyages cafes, where we invite you to come and exchange with an inspiring personality around the theme of “traveling differently”.

Travel differently, travel better!

The notion of responsible travel has never been more relevant, in a context marked by a growing need for meaning in our actions but also and above all of awareness of environmental issues.

It is in this context that Cafés Voyages want to be moments of exchange around inspiring personalities who made “travel better” their credeau.

Travelling by bike, on foot, sailing, slow travel, humanitarian travel … all new forms of travel that must become the new norm in the face of irreversible climate change.





These are free appointments!

Because the goal of our association is to make our meetings accessible to all, Travel Cafes will be free!

The very first coffee trip will have as theme “are you an. e adventurer?”

For this very first, adventurer and director Romain Assie-Rio offers you an interactive conference around a question: Are you adventurer. e?

Speaking of non-aventure, we will deconstruct the image of the adventure, and see why the answer to this question is most likely “yes”.


See you at our Bureaux And CoLattes partners on Wednesday 9 March at 7pm!

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