5th Edition

A new edition for the Travel and Adventure Film Festival

What a Trip ! Here we go again !


Submit your application for the Montpellier Travel and Adventure Festival!

You can apply and propose a film, an exhibition, a workshop, a conference, an animation or a concert. All talents and desires are listened to.

Programme of the 5th edition of the Montpellier Travel Festival
WAT The movies

The movies

Discover the program

In addition to the traditional live screenings, in the Salle Rabelais and the auditorium of the Musée Fabre, you will also be able to watch the films and the Q&A sessions live and streaming on the internet!

Official competition, jury, selection… Everything is here !

Photo Exhibition

Travel through images

What A Trip! it is a series of testimonies: video testimonies, verbal testimonies but it is also photographic testimonies of adventures and travels.

What a Trip photo exhibitions !
WAT Festival Village

The travel village

Learn, engage, enjoy

The village of travel is a unique place located in the city center of Montpellier, on which you can meet adventurers, inform you on various destinations, exchange with enthusiasts during conferences and workshops on the theme of travel.

The concerts

Travel in music in Montpellier !

Escape to the sound of wild music from around the world thanks to the free concerts organized every end of the day on the village of the festival located in the heart of Montpellier!

What a Trip photo exhibitions !

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