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The association AFIVAM organizes educational screenings in order to raise the awareness of young people about the importance of openness but also of the preservation of our environment.
You will find on this page the tools that will allow you to link the film projected to your educational programs.

Purpose: Transmission

screenings and meetings

As part of the association’s missions, screenings will be organized in partnership with the Hérault department, the Montpellier Academy, National Education and PierresVives.
The building designed by Zaha HADID will host the two screenings meetings (one in the morning, the other in the afternoon) which will allow primary, middle and high school classes to attend the screening encounter of an adventure travel film.

In order to link this projection to the various school programs, the teams of the association have drafted an educational kit for teachers.

Films screened during the edition

→ 1st edition (2017) : Solidream
→ 2nd edition (2018) : Solidream, les oeuvres du Pamir
→ 3rd edition (2019) : Le Grand Saphir
→ 4th edition (2020) : Le Grand Saphir / Les voies de la liberté


Le grand saphir

About Le Grand Saphir

This film follows the «Le Grand Saphir» initiative of Emmanuel Laurin (Manu), who swam over a hundred kilometres between Marseille and Toulon in 14 days, with the aim of raising public awareness of pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.

It also proposes to discover other citizen and individual initiatives that have in common
the preservation of the environment by collecting macrowaste, both at sea and on land. Beyond the alarmist and critical aspect on the pollution of our environment, this film shows that everyone can act responsibly, think about their own consumption, to improve things. This film was part of the Official Selection of What A Trip! Festival 2018 and won the USHUAÏA TV prize.

The speaker director: Jeremi Stadler

Passionate about extreme sports, including surfing in the Mediterranean Sea, he has become aware of environmental pollution.

After graduating in Cinema from the University Paul Valéry in Montpellier, he created his FilmMaker company which allows him to carry out projects that are close to his heart.

project educatif festival travel montpellier movie

Why this movie ?

This film allows students to discuss the concepts of sustainable development and consumption. The sometimes impressive images (in terms of quantity of waste) allow them to see what impact they have on the environment and to realize that changes must be made quickly if we do not want the situation to be irreversible. The final positive message and initiatives presented can have a real impact on pupils’ behaviour towards waste and their consumption habits.



The director of the Grand Sapphire, Jeremi Stadler, answers the questions of Sophie DUTEIL-DEYRIES, in charge of the pedagogical center of the festival What a trip! Heyme.


Les voies de la Liberté

About les Voies de la liberté

Synopsis : Les voies de la liberté ! Or the portrait of the notion of freedom in five South Asian countries! Here is the theme of the new solo motorcycle expedition 2015 2016 from Mélusine Mallender. In mid-October 2015, the specialist of long-term motorcycle expeditions, Mélusine Mallender will start her new solo expedition: 6 months in South Asia, from Jakarta, to cross successively Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, China. This film was part of the Official Selection of What A Trip! Festival 2019.

The intervening director: Melusine Mallender

Mélusine Mallender is an explorer, documentary director, geographer, diving instructor, costume designer, biker… It all began in 2010 when she set out from Paris with her old 125 Varadero motorcycle, which she had acquired new several years earlier and which at the time had 110,000 km on the clock.
She decides to go as far as possible with her, to make their last trip together.
Mélusine always leaves alone, a way for her to more easily meet others but also to show that it is possible for a single woman to travel the world. She collects all her adventures and testimonies thanks to the photos but especially the video. She joined the prestigious Société des Explorateurs Français in 2015.

Why this movie ?

The Ways of Freedom” addresses the notion of freedom, especially that of women, across the 40 countries that the filmmaker was able to cross during her journey. This film, full of emotions, brings a new look on these women, their lives, their struggles. Some testimonies highlight that freedom does not have the same according to our origins and allow a questioning of our own freedoms, which is conducive to debate and exchanges.


Register your class for a screening

To register your class for a screening, simply contact the directors of the educational center of the festival: Sophie Duteil-Deyries and Matthieu Beauchard

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